How to choose slate

When choosing a slate there are a number of things to consider:

Pitch of the roof

The pitch of the roof will dictate what size slate is suitable for use as not all sizes can be used at all roof pitches. Smaller slates, in general, can be used at 30º and above, and often give a different visual effect to using large ones. Below a 30º pitch, larger and wider slates should be used. For guidance on this matter please consult the page on Environmental Design Considerations or alternatively contact the office to discuss.

Colour and texture

There is a wealth of options in natural slates in terms of colour, thickness and texture. Therefore it is important to consider the appearance you are trying to achieve; for example do you want the roof to be flat, blue black & smooth, or perhaps textured, in a grey colour, using a thicker, more rugged slate?

We have a different options to suit different tastes so please consult the range or contact the sales office to find out who your sales representative is and who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


The size of slate will be affected by the pitch of the roof but you may still have a choice to make. The visual effect achieved by using smaller slates is very different to that using larger ones. Using smaller slates can cut costs as these are easier to produce and create less wastage than the larger units. Click here to view which sizes are available in which product or alternatively consult the product range.


In a lot of cases cost can be a deciding factor and one element which can contribute to this is the grade of slates. Stoneleaf slates are produced and graded by hand. Generally the quarries produce two or three grades, Best, First Mix and Standard with the cost varying accordingly. You can achieve a cost saving through using First Mix and Standard grades, though these are typically characterised by a less even surface and less consistency in thickness. There may also be a slight twist from top to bottom within the individual slate which may result in a longer fixing time. However there is no difference in the fundamental characteristics of the material itself. The First grade slates are more expensive but allow for easier fixing. Click here to view the product range and filter the choice of slates according to your budget.

All in all, natural slate is the most aesthetically pleasing, reliable and cost effective roof covering to use.